Whether you're looking to subtly enhance your eye color, wanting to turn heads with an eccentric Halloween costume, or perhaps it's just something in between - Bright Eyes Contacts has you covered. We offer colored contact lenses which allow you to change your eye color, without having to spend a fortune.

We are so passionate about our lenses and confident you'll love them too, that we are letting everyone try our 1-month lenses for free!

Our beautiful selection of natural colored contacts are perfect for any occasion. Wear them at school, work, parties or special events - our contact lenses suit any occasion. For those of you needing prescription contact lenses, we have you covered too! Our natural gemstone range made for myopia (nearsightedness) will help you look, see and feel brighter!


Our natural range focuses on enhancing your natural beauty with a subtle color change. All our natural colored tones and shades are designed to mimic the look of the world's natural beauty. All our lenses have a non-transparent tint that can change your eye color completely. If you have dark eyes, this is essential in order to change your eye color entirely.

Storm Contact Lens
Storm is a lens color which takes on many different hues, mimicking that of a cat’s eye. Depending on the lighting, Storm can range between a more blue toned, or green and then towards a light golden color. Storm could be described as Hazel’s little sister, as it is similar in tones, but much lighter and contrasting.

Sky Contact Lens
Sky is a light grey lens, mirroring the tones of a cloudy sky on a winter’s day. The sky lens suits people of all skin tones and hair color, and really is a hypnotizing pick for anyone who wants to enhance their natural beauty.

Rain Contact Lens
See the world through Rain, a lens which mimics the blue tones of the ocean. Rain encompasses various hues of blue to create depth within your eyes, surrounded by a darker blue rim to really make your iris pop against the white of your eyes.

Lime is a lighter, more acidic green than our Fern lenses. While breathtaking and enthralling, lime is still a natural looking lens which simply enhances the wearer’s natural beauty.

The eyes are the windows to the soul, or in this case, the honey pot. Honey is a rich golden hue that bears a likeliness to warm, melted honey or toffee. Honey is captivating and looks amazing paired with darker eye makeup.

Hazel Contact Lens
Hazel is a mix of golden hazelnut and green tones, which really stands out against darker hair. Hazel is a lens best suited for someone who wants a more subtle and mysterious change to their usual eye color.

Looking into the eye of someone wearing the Fern lens, is like looking straight into the jungle. Fern is a mix of darker, earthy greens which display a real depth to the eye. Fern is a more natural, subtle lens compared to Lime.


CoCo is a chocolate hue, perfect for those who want to experiment with a rich, sultry look. Pair these lenses with burgundy shadow to really make them pop and draw people in with your alluring gaze.

Aqua is a mix of light blue tones around the outer edges of the iris, with a green tint surrounding the pupil. Aqua is a more striking lens than our color Rain, and we recommend you choose Aqua if you would prefer a bolder, more breathtaking look.

Our Gemstone range comes in cosmetic lenses (without power) as well as in prescription for toric (shortsightedness) which ranges from powers 0.00 to -8.00.

Our Gemstone Range of contact lenses is a more luxurious range as opposed to our Natural Range, and showcases more intense gemstone tones, whilst still being a very natural style of contact lenses.

Azure is a rich blue tone, and is highly pigmented. Our Azure contact lenses will change even the darkest of eyes to a gemstone blue.

Named after the well-known deep-green gemstone, Emerald is a captivating and opulent lens.

Just like looking into a Crystal ball, this contact lens is so natural with a darker rim and icy inner tone.

Pearl is light, delicate grey shade. This contact lens is a best seller for a reason and is super opaque.

Citrine is a khaki, yellow-toned lens, that naturally is darker around the edges and lightens towards the pupil. Citrine is a contact lens really pops against darker hair and skin tones and looks extremely natural.

Amber is a lighter brown tone, that looks like melted gold honey. Amber is our most natural shade and a popular contact lens for this reason.

Originally exclusive to our Halloween promotion, our scary lenses can still be found when searching our website on your mobile only (shhh, don't tell anyone!) We have 3 limited edition styles to suit most Halloween costumes. You can temporarily transform yourself into a cat, zombie, vampire or ghost with some creative makeup, a costume and a pair of our lenses.


This contact lens changes your eye color completely, whilst still leaving the black pupil.


The zombie contact lens is a white lens surrounding the black pupil.


Our meow lens is a yellow cat eye or reptile eye.
Bright Eyes Contacts endeavor to offer you the safest and most natural colored contacts available. All our lenses are approved are KFDA Approved. Please ensure to follow our care guidelines carefully as your lenses should only be worn for their respective amount of time. Ensure to clean your lenses after each use and not to wear them for too long.

Color contacts are the best accessory to enhance your look. See the world through brighter eyes and become one of our #brighteyesbabes when you purchase your first pair of Bright Eyes Contacts.